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Taxon: A taxonomic group or unit. Strictly spoken a group of organisms proceeding from a single ancestor (so a monophyletic branch/cluster/clade in a phylogeny). Could be of any rank (species - genus - order - class - etc.).

Taxonomy: The academic discipline of defining groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics and giving names to those groups

Taxonomic identification: The process of assigning an organism to a particular species.

Taverna: Workflow Management System used in BioVeL

TDWG: Biodiversity Information Standards 

Temporal context: Specification of the temporal reference of an observed property based on the absolute time. It can be a single point in time, a time sequence, a time period, or a combination of these. In a sampling system, for example, several time periods and time points are needed to describe the time behaviour. However, a time point is already an abstraction. It refers to a small time interval.

Text mining: The process of deriving information from text.

Thesaurus: Synonym and antonym repository for data vocabulary terminology. 

Transaction: Transaction is a feature of the architecture that supports the co-ordination of results or operations on state in a multi-step interaction. The fundamental characteristic of a transaction is the ability to join multiple actions into the same unit of work, such that the actions either succeed or fail as a unit. (W3C, http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/NOTE-ws-gloss-20040211/#transaction)




19 February 2015

At the final review of the project by the EC, one of the reviewers said: “Incredible work done with a community that is not unified. Remarkable work. It opens for new development in a near future. Hope for success. Good project. Happy that you have been financed three plus years ago.”

Read all about the project and its results in the Project Final Report or read the Executive Summary only.