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R: A language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. (http://www.r-project.org/)

Raster: A bit (pixel) oriented representation of image information.

Raster data: A multidimensional data structure, consisting of a grid of pixels, storing information in each cell. E.g. a bitmap image stores information as a sequence of lines. See Coverage.

RDF: Resource Description Framework

Resource: A source of capability and capacity for performing some task or providing some information that is important enough to be identified and referenced as a discrete entity, and which can be called upon to provide said capability and capacity in order to satisfy the need of another.

REST: Representational State Transfer

REST Service: A Web service implementing the REST architecture which uses the HTTP interface.

RM: Risk Management




19 February 2015

At the final review of the project by the EC, one of the reviewers said: “Incredible work done with a community that is not unified. Remarkable work. It opens for new development in a near future. Hope for success. Good project. Happy that you have been financed three plus years ago.”

Read all about the project and its results in the Project Final Report or read the Executive Summary only.