GBIF Guide to Data Refinement using the BioVeL Portal

GBIF Guide to Data Refinement using the BioVeL Portal

The result of joint effort between the BioVeL team and GBIF, this GBIF resources guide to data refinement explains how to use BioVeL workflows and the BioVeL Portal for biodiversity data quality assessment and cleaning. It is based on tutorials and practical exercises to guide the readers through the different functions offered by the portal. It also includes directions on how to use those operations over specific data domains. 




19 February 2015

At the final review of the project by the EC, one of the reviewers said: “Incredible work done with a community that is not unified. Remarkable work. It opens for new development in a near future. Hope for success. Good project. Happy that you have been financed three plus years ago.”

Read all about the project and its results in the Project Final Report or read the Executive Summary only.